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Date: 10/06/2024

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  • Telefon : 604933040
  • E-Posta : [email protected]
  • Konu : Hi nyxmag.com Owner!
  • Not : Hi there, my name is Cody Griner. I apologize for using your contact form,
    but I wasn’t sure who the right person was to speak with in your company.
    We have a patented application that creates Local Area pages that rank on
    top of Google within weeks, we call it Local Magic. Here is a link to the
    product page https://www.mrmarketingres.com/local-magic/ . The product
    leverages technology where these pages are managed dynamically by AI and
    it is ideal for promoting contractors on Google. Can I share a testimonial
    from one of our clients with you? I can also do a short zoom to
    illustrate their full case study if you have time for it?
    [email protected] 843-720-7301