[email protected] – Big-Tech Just Made a Terrible Mistake With AI


Date: 17/03/2024

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  • Konu : Big-Tech Just Made a Terrible Mistake With AI
  • Not : 2.4 trillion dollars…

    A sum almost 3 times larger than our defense budget

    In 2023 this staggering amount of money flowed into Big Tech companies developing Artificial intelligence…

    Such an enormous pile of cash can make corporations ignore warnings

    Disregard the dangers of their actions

    And hide from the public the truth about what may be the most dangerous technology since the atomic bomb…

    If you’ve ever had a bad feeling about artificial intelligence,

    Perhaps it is God’s way of warning you that

    AI is NOT here for what you think…

    See here: https://tinyurl.com/4pz7c7ky

    Blinded by the trillion-dollar profits,

    Big Tech has no idea of what it has unleashed upon the world.

    And they may have already lost control of their own creation

    This short documentary exposes 5 shocking facts misguided tech gurus are desperately trying to hide…

    Therefore, it could be scrubbed off the internet at any moment.

    Click here to watch it right now: https://tinyurl.com/4pz7c7ky